Why you shouldn’t buy biodynamic vegetables

Nick Nakorn:

I thought this excellent piece by Helen over at ‘Stop Steiner in Stroud’ was a good example of how Anthroposophic doctrine affects individuals at the local level. Until Steiner/Waldorf thoroughly explain how and why they have changed their doctrine, practices and staff for the better, it is impossible for non-white people to feel other than ‘othered’ around Anthroposophic institutions. for more on Biodynamics, please see my post here: https://nicknakorn.wordpress.com/2010/07/13/can-we-trust-the-soil-association/

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Someone said to me on Sunday, “Who cares what Rudolf Steiner said a century ago?”

Well here is an example of what can happen when so-called “teachers”, trained in anthroposophy are trusted to care for and educate the children of unsuspecting parents. It’s not new, but there are many other such descriptions from shocked and disappointed parents.

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The people I was talking to can see nothing wrong with financially supporting the Steiner movement by buying biodynamic vegetables. They don’t believe that local Steiner people today share the beliefs of the Austrian mystic. Well, they do, as Richard House illustrated rather well in his letter to the SNJ just 2 weeks ago.

People find employment in this area by running anthroposophical businesses such as biodynamic farms, and often whole families are involved, working in other aspects of Steiner, such as kindergartens, colleges, camphill communities, schools, publishing, therapies, art groups and so-called medicine. It is…

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They’re All (rich and) White on Election Night

Nick Nakorn:

Another excellent post from Sam Ambreen from her Left At The Lights blog.

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Someone told our immigrant grandparents Labour was the party for the working people, as they weaved their way out of Heathrow perhaps, and they remained loyal voters to the very ends of their lives. In in a way I’m glad my grandparents aren’t around to witness the shambles that is the British Left, if only because it’s saved me an argument or ten trying to convince the old stalwarts Labour doesn’t mean socialism for the working class anymore, rather the party for kowtowers to an increasingly fascistic hostile Britain promoting values it believes virtuous, which in actual fact translates into human rights abuses like allowing people to drown in the sea, so long as the white ‘indigenous’ population are appeased with pre election promises for controls on the greatly exaggerated influx of rotten jonnie forriners. They want to protect resources for themselves as well you see, traditional Red Labour…

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