Larsen’s Embryology used to bolster bogus Biodynamics

I’m most concerned that the growing and massively popular bogus technologies of  Steiner’s Anthroposophy movement are now using Larsen’s work to give their crack-pot ideas some semblance of  respectability. Though clearly and transparently bogus to those with a rational approach, there are now millions of people around the world following Steiner’s horrible racist philosophy.

If you are a scientist or a teacher of science, perhaps you, your colleagues and/or your students would like to comment on some of the ‘practices’ suggested by these charlatans it would help to slow the spread of this crazy stuff – an example of which appears below:

I am endlessly trying to make sense of embryology. It provides many insights into how the body moves and heals in the biodynamic paradigm. Buying the new, 4th, edition of Larsen’s Human Embryology (very good, especially the online features), plus a debate with Ged (we actually got to meet in Brighton instead of skype from various corners of the world) prompted me to make a mindmap on my top ten embryology insights that inform my practice. It is focused on understandings that have actually made a difference to how I treat and perceive change. You can download the full mindmap here:

 4. Ignition dynamics

  • Surges of potency at different stages of development (plus sparking up of three centres at birth).
  • Conception.
  • Heart beating.
  • Laying down of the neural tube.
  • Ignition in the third ventricle in the neural cavity, the heart in the thoracic cavity and the umbilicus in the abdominal cavity.

How it supports practice: Orienting to potency spreading from the three major ignition centres into their surrounding cavities is an extremely powerful orientation. Often one of the ignition centres feels relatively dampened down. Ignition can be seen as the emergence of coherence and order.


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2 Responses to Larsen’s Embryology used to bolster bogus Biodynamics

  1. Hi Nick,

    A number of New Age healing modalities have appropriated the use of the term “bio-dynamic,” but most of them have nothing to do with Steiner’s use of the term, which is very specifically limited to farming and gardening. What you have linked to here is a massage therapist or possibly even a chiropractor who uses the term “bio-dynamic” for his cranio-sacral massage technique. I’ll bet he’s heard of Steiner but from reading his blog, it appears he doesn’t know anything about anthroposophy at all.

    That being said, it is very true that Anthroposophists do elevate the field of embryology to the number 1 position, as the science that most expresses and correlates most strikingly with Steiner’s ideas of human evolution, and thus vindicates them.

    And this actually is a good point of departure for what I wanted to tell you about how Anthroposophists view the whole issue of distinct races.

    Just a little background and “pedigree” for me. I grew up Irish-Catholic in New York City, attending Catholic schools, 1-12. I then went to an engineering college to study physics, and then at age 28 in 1976, I discovered Steiner and fell hook, line and sinker for anthroposophy, mainly because I already had a mystical-intellectual framework ready-made for Steiner’s ideas, which for me, became a powerful advancement of my Catholic world view. In short, anthroposophy allowed me to ditch (or lapse from) Catholicism because of its much more up-to-date and scientific view of religion and spirituality.

    I have taught physics, math, chemistry and even German at a few Waldorf high schools across the USA, but not since 2005, and in the last 3 or 4 years I became much more aware of the racism issue, which I simply didn’t notice before.

    Thus, to use to useful cliches, I have been “around the anthroposophical block,” and I know where “a lot of the bodies are buried.” So let’s get down to the nitty gritty issue about anthroposophy.

    In your own quest to make people aware of and rid anthropoposhy of racism, you may only succeed in making people aware of and even acknowledging the racism, but you will never succeed in having true Anthros give up the racism because of the way they rationalize it.

    My best metaphor is to contemplate the “Coin of Anthroposophy.” You display the “heads” side, which is stamped with “racism, sexism, anti-semitism” etc., You show this coin to an Anthro and demand that he acknowledge and repudiate the racism. He will simply turn the coin over and put it down on the “tails” side, which reads “Karma and Reincarnation.”

    You see, the idea of repeated earth lives is central to anthroposophy and that provides the best rationale or “trap-door escape hatch” for the racial and racist content.

    You may even succeed in getting some Anthros to acknowledge the racism, but they will always counter you with the idea that, even though you are in one of those lesser non-white races now, you have an opportunity in the future to “upgrade” your race. Or indeed, looking to the past, they may even say that you quite possibly could have been a Caucasian in a past life, but now are colored because of some karmic deficiency. But of coure, you always have the opportunity to make things right for your future life.

    I suppose in simple philosophical terms, you bring to the Anthros the existentialist position that “existence precedes essence,” that a person starts his life at birth and at death it ends, but to Anthros, the essence of who you are precedes your existence in this particular body in this particular life, which is but one pearl adorning the Great Necklace of your Higher Being, which of course is made up of a multitude of pearls already and you and the world are still an “oyster” who will make many more pearls — not all of them colored white, if you catch my drift.

    Furthermore, the appeal of Steiner to so many mystic-minded people, is that he took the Hindu-Buddhist doctrine of reincarnation and totally Christianized it, making it much more palatable to Central Europeans and Americans. That is the key distinction that separates anthroposophy from theosophy, and it is that “Christian Integration” which accounts for the greater popularity and practicality of anthroposophy over theosophy in the modern Judeao-Christian West.

    Next, I’ll go into more detail about the racial distinction Steiner makes.

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