Red in Tooth and Claw

How should we react to Wikileaks disclosures?

Given the terrifying power of modern weapons, I would not be surprised if the number of deaths was actually much higher than those logged in the official records. Before the Iraq war, I was collecting signatures for the ‘Not in Our Name’ anti-war campaign here in the UK. Many pro-war people on the street seemed to have the idea that ‘smart’ weapons, accurate intelligence and the Geneva Convention would ensure that casualties were restricted to Saddam’s forces and terrorists.

As history tells us time and time again, we humans have an enormous capacity for cruelty and for separating civil ethics and rational behaviour from the desire to compete. War, it seems to me, is thus as much a failure of imagination and empathy as it is a failure of diplomacy.

What concerns me is that the confluence of climate change, peak oil, diminishing habitats and a failing banking system reliant on ever increasing expansion (due to fractional reserve lending) will increase the desire for industrialised nations to go to war in the unending race for power and resources to prop up a failing global economy. We, the citizens must make out position clear; if we truely desire peace we must say we are not interested in joining the race, we do not wish to be ‘winners’ in a game that costs so many lives. Until we withdraw our moral support for the military industrial complex these problems will continue to grow.   

Our money, the way we spend it, the way we invest it and the banking system as a whole provides the finance for these ghastly destructive escapades and it is not enough simply to blame the government; if we are not prepared to put our money where our mouth is nothing will change.


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