American Patriotism

Taking Exception to a Land of Flags

The vast quantities of colonial, corporate cash coursing through the veins of the American elite, that makes its weight and heft felt throughout the world, today displayed its writhing underbelly upon which is tattooed the stars and stripes of an arrogant empire.

Candidates from all sides spoke of their love of country; not with mere gasps of disreputable patriotism, but with an assumption that their culture, their might, their political system and their will to succeed make them, as individuals and as a community, superior to all other peoples everywhere.

If evidence was needed that nationalism creates enemies then we, outside that Great Country, have had a stomach-full. I don’t hate America or Americans, but it is clear why, around the world, so many millions are tempted to keep their knives sharp and their guns oiled; not because any person of sense seeks war, but because it’s hard to believe that those thinking themselves so superior can have the humanity and humility to wield their power wisely. History has told us that giving napalm and guns to people with ranks of flags flying is always a bad idea; wake up America, there are six billion of us no worse nor better than you.

NCN 3rd November 2010


About Nick Nakorn

This is the blog of a concerned citizen.
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