Why We Must Support The Occupations

The inequality created by high capitalism is reason enough to wish for a more equitable system but one must not forget that if ‘trickle-down’ worked the poor would eventually have more than sufficient. But, as we know, it doesn’t and it can’t.
The reason is that the banking system itself is designed to pay dividends to the already powerful via the exponential growth of the money supply. So while greed and mismangement have contributed greatly to the depression, it is about time that politicians accepted that the system is in effect a giant pyramid scheme that has reached its last tranch of lenders and borrowers – our crazy system of fractional reserve banking requires an infinite stream of debt and, like the office chain letter that runs out of offices, the system has reached the end of the road and no amount of tinkering can make it otherwise.
Months before the protests on Wall Street, in London and elsewhere a small number of people have signed The Sirisuk Declaration and the TOP200 signers are now published.
Comments from Noam Chomsky, Peter Tatchell, Ken Loach and others. Protest the inequality, support the occupations and sign the declaration. Lets add a Charter that means something to the protest. 200 people isn’t enough, 200 million is what we need.

to read and sign go to: http://www.sirisuk.org


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