Shame on the LibCons

Every rational person knows that flexibility and complexity are best organised by holistic, joined up, co-operative endeavour – one brings multidisciplinary teams together to solve problems. Yet Privatisation does the opposite – it separates disciplines, creates competition rather than co-operation and ties people to contracts that are inflexible and too specific to respond to context and need. If the Bill goes through we will become a third-world country in terms of healthcare (witness the system in the USA) and the cross-subsidies that ensure the poor and disenfranchised are looked after will vanish. This is the end of what was best about this country; a concern for the plight of people not interested in, or not having access to, the race for profit and self agrandisement. Shame on the LibCons – shame on us all.


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1 Response to Shame on the LibCons

  1. martin roche says:

    i read with horror Blood in the River. i too was at bryanston 1970-1972. i was totally unaware that the school was full of such awful people, that bullying was normal and that drugs were so much part of the school. i remember omar,appiah,quarshie and a jewish fellow well, because they were at the top of the school and semed so clever and wise. i remember quarshie’s performance as Bottom in the 1971 production of midsummer night’s dream and don potter. i too was one of those he rated as a potential sculptor. i’m trying hard to remember you..there is a vague recognition.
    i was expelled at the end of the spring term 1972; i was lucky it would seem to have escaped.
    i am so sorry for you that at bryanston, which i had always taken to be full of libertarians, you were persecuted by the worst kind of smug white thugs that were no doubt all from suposedly decent families. i have found on the whole that the british are a ruthless lot of lying, hypocritical two faced bullies racist through and through, despite the apparent opposite. Like Frederic Rafaell, bullied at school for being jewish, you seem to have drawn strength from your ghastly torment.

    P.S. perhaps it is time to name some of these creeps

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