Bankers Stealing From The Rest Of Us

EU Rules will change nothing – we must act to change values

canaryBankers ‘bonuses’ to be limited to 1x basic salary – in other words a 100% bonus on top of a disgustingly high salary. And I think too that entertainers, footballers and all the other overpaid selfish people should be ashamed that any individual is given so much more than others. Yes, given; they do not earn it like a miner earns a wage or a nurse earns a wage, or a social worker, teacher, doctor…

The global economy is in the shit, the E.U. economy is in the shit and our economy is in the shit because we are being shat upon by wealthy powerful people who reward themselves to vile excess; effectively stealing it from the rest of us. CEOs earning £2M plus £2m bonus – that’s over £75,000 a week or £15,000 a day. Yes, they earn in a day what a worker might slog for a year to earn. Or to put it another way, 300 extra people could be in work if the CEO took a normal salary. The arrogance of these people is beyond comprehension. Time to sign The Sirisuk Declaration if you haven’t already done so.


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