Kate Humble Promotes Racist Anthoposophical Farm

From Rush Farm's Facebook page

From Rush Farm’s Facebook page

I think regular readers will by now know of my views concerning organiazations that choose to associate themselves with belief systems based explicitly on racist ideas and practices. In my view, we should treat Anthroposophy the same way we would treat any other racist organization. The fact that they also promote green and environmental issues does not give them a valid excuse. One can be green without the need to be attached to white supremacists, it’s a simple choice.

Kate Humble should know better given her journalistic experience but, as some of the television programmes she has hosted show, her basic attitude towards other cultures can be condescending in the extreme.

Along with other television personalities involved with rural issues, such as Julia Bradbury, the BBC and other broadcasters see no problem in promoting Anthroposophy even when references to Steiner’s original racist texts are sent to them.

On Facebook and other social media, Anthroposophists usually respond to criticism as if Steiner’s writing never existed: they say they are sorry for the complainant’s negativity or they attempt to deny Steiner’s racism or say they are not associated with it. When their (often financial) associations are pointed out they then tend to simply deny that to support, or be associated with, racist doctrines is to be supportive of racism. They also often attempt to belittle, insult, intimidate and undermine the complainant in any way they can and, if all of that does not work, the complainants’ lives can be disrupted at a local level quite easily as most town and parish councils, community groups and green organisations have Steiner supporters in positions of power and influence.

So, please ‘like’ this post and read as much about Steiner’s Racial Hierarchy as you can so that you know what is behind the cute-looking public face of Anthroposophy.


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