As a Mixed-Race Woman, in the Game of Racial Top Trumps My Blackness Always Wins

I recently have found several excellent pieces of writing on Media Diversified that have done a better job than I could have done on subjects very close to my heart. Here’s one of them.

Media Diversified

Shifting race: how language fails the ‘mixed-race’ experience

by Leo Jay Shire

The idea of ‘race’ has no fixed definition considering the term has no biological basis. Yet all of us from minority backgrounds know what it is to be racialised, to be lumped together into a group with others who share our physical attributes, for this to be conflated with our ethnicity – our shared culture, history and experience. What does this mean for those of us who are mixed-race? Could it be argued that the shared experience of being racialised as ‘mixed’ creates a ‘mixed-race’ ethnicity of sorts? Can this ‘mixed’ tag be sufficient when we have experiences specific to one part of our heritage?

Right now, mixed-race people are considered to be of the largest growing groups in the UK with over one million of us in England alone. From Formula One World Champion Lewis Hamilton…

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