Why you shouldn’t buy biodynamic vegetables

I thought this excellent piece by Helen over at ‘Stop Steiner in Stroud’ was a good example of how Anthroposophic doctrine affects individuals at the local level. Until Steiner/Waldorf thoroughly explain how and why they have changed their doctrine, practices and staff for the better, it is impossible for non-white people to feel other than ‘othered’ around Anthroposophic institutions. for more on Biodynamics, please see my post here: https://nicknakorn.wordpress.com/2010/07/13/can-we-trust-the-soil-association/


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2 Responses to Why you shouldn’t buy biodynamic vegetables

  1. Sharon Lombard says:

    It’s not just biodynamic vegetables, here in the US Whole Foods grocery store is stocking more and more biodynamic products. I have been boycotting biodynamic products for almost twenty years and have been noticing the rise of availability here in the US. I think we need to write letters to Whole Foods and alert customers of the facts until Anthroposophy as a movement deals adequately with their racist doctrine and deals with prospective Waldorf parents openly.

  2. Nick Nakorn says:

    I agree, it would be good to pressure the retailers too. The number of Anthroposophic organisations and businesses is vast.

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