‘The Bystander Effect’

I very much like this piece by Yomi Adegoke. I’ve also noticed it’s often the case that people do little or nothing in support when a victim of racism blogs, tweets or FB’s their experience – until a white person ‘likes’ or shares; as if the testimony of a brown victim only has legitimacy when supported by a white liberal, most of the support thereafter being shown on the pages and spaces of the white liberal supporter rather than in the comments section of the original poster.

Media Diversified

by Yomi Adegoke

Photo from Tumblr Photo from Tumblr

Yesterday morning, model Mahaneela Choudhury-Reid fell victim to an unprovoked and racially motivated attack at Regents Park Tube station. She described the ordeal via Twitter, recalling how on entering a lift, she was repeatedly pushed by a white, stocky middle aged man. When she turned to face him, he continued to push her in full view of 15 or so bystanders who, taking the nomenclature too literally, chose to simply stand by.

Mahaneela and her assailant left the lift and carrying on the abuse, he proceeded to kick her as she attempted to exit through the barriers. She asked him what his problem was, to which he replied, “You’re my problem” and when she told him he was acting like a child, he told her she was a “fucking nigger”.

The two had passed commuters, ticket inspectors and even a pair of soldiers- all…

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