Completely on-point and a great piece of writing too.

Media Diversified

by Zarina Muhammad  

Institutions can never satisfactorily deal with confronting colonialism’s past and present.
That is a fact.
They never go far enough.
There is never any real denouncement, never any sincere apology, or rather, confrontation of the subject.

I went to see Artist and Empire with some brown friends and we were loud and obnoxious.
We sniggered at maps and blurbs.
We took pictures in front of the guards, then eyeballed them when they said “no photos”.
We swore loudly on the phone with no respect.
We bitched about goreh in front of them.
It was fun.

Because ultimately, this was just a really nice collection of artefacts.
I can’t slag it off for this. I knew that walking in.

It was a museum-type-ting, but Hito Steyerl taught me that the Museum truly is a battlefield. Museums are treasure troves of stolen property from colonial conquest. It’s…

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