Goodbye and Good Riddance ya melts

Sam is right – even though I regret that they can’t be part of the ‘Broad Church’ they claim doesn’t exist.

Left at the Lights

“History tells us that when the Labour Party splits, it leads to the Conservative Party winning the next election and the one after that and the one after that.” It’s important to notice the words politicians use because they inform our opinions as much as they express the beliefs of the speaker. Sadiq Khan there, reminding us this cynical move by neoliberal entryists is political and can mean only one thing, they’d rather we lose to the tories than take care of each other the way we used to (as Chuka suggests “It is time we dumped this country’s old-fashioned politics and created an alternative that does justice to who we are today and gives this country a politics fit for the here and now – the 21st Century.”)

So the 7 MPs who defected did so with the full knowledge this might irrevocably damage the party and…

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