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Kate Humble Promotes Racist Anthoposophical Farm

On Facebook and other social media, Anthroposophists usually respond to criticism as if Steiner’s writing never existed: they say they are sorry for the complainant’s negativity or they attempt to deny Steiner’s racism or say they are not associated with it. When their (often financial) associations are pointed out they then tend to simply deny that to support, or be associated with, racist doctrines is not to be supportive of racism. Continue reading

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Racist Biodynamics is “recognised agricultural practice”

BBC Countryfile uncritical of racist Anthroposophy.

Anthroposophy is founded on the premise that white people are superior and the whole philosophy is built around a racial hierarchy. That is not a matter of conjecture any more than we need discuss if the Earth is flat or spherical. The BBC, by being insufficiently critical of the specific racial claims of Anthroposophy is supporting the idea that such values are either acceptable or not important enough to be dangerous to minority non-white communities. That is why it is fair to say that the BBC is also institutionally racist. I think they should do something about it. Continue reading

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