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From Greed to Co-operation

Consumerism, perhaps the most obvious of global ideals that has permeated our culture over the past century, relies on the idea of limitless resources regardless of what scientists, engineers and accountants might tell us; in that sense consumerism is as much mystical religion as it is big business. And though Climate Change and Peak Oil have captured the public imagination and are becoming considered aspects of global strategies within some multi-national corporations, most industries and governments continue as if such inconvenient truths were quite imaginary; growth, competitiveness and optimisation are still the mantras of managers everywhere. It is my hope that mechanisms like the Sirisuk Declaration will help to bring about a fundamental change of emphasis. Continue reading

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Why the LibCon’s “Big Society” won’t work.

The libertarian ideals that are behind the drive in the UK, the USA and elsewhere for smaller government, lower taxes and a more responsible, ethical and caring civil society are admirable but fatally flawed. Like many people, I have always been hugely attracted to libertarian concepts of personal responsibility and personal freedom but I have also been very aware that attractive ideas are often wrong. As global problems such as poverty, climate change, peak oil and failing economies impinge ever more strongly upon those least able to stand up for themselves, this is the very worst time for political movements to press for welfare systems to be shrunk, cut or dismantled.

The global economy, upon which all
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